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Photos of BCC Treatment

Direct closure

Nodular basal cell carcinoma on left cheek / lower eyelid.
This can be excised with a 4mm clear margin and ellipse, and repaired with direct closure.
Tumour "clear" zone marked plus ellipse
Tumour excised including a little deep muscle tissue.
Direct closure skin
End of operation - would secured.
Sutures removed one week later.

Non-Mohs' Excisional Biopsy

Tumour marked with "clear" edge and proposed flap marked out
Defect after excision biopsy. Tumour free edged and base on histopathological analysis.
Flap being constraucted amd moved over onto defect
Mohs' defect and secondary defect caused by creating flap are both closed securely

Local tissue flap

Medial canthal basal cell carcinoma
The BCC has been completely excised using Mohs' micrographic surgery.
This patient opted to have "laissez-faire" repair as the defect was well positioned and a good size for this. The appearance a few weeks later is excellent and will continue to improve.

Laissez-faire repair

Medial canthal basal cell carcinoma
This has been excised by Mohs' micrographic surgery leaving a "hole" with loss of the skin and underlying muscle.
Oculoplastic repair of the defect has been done using a transnasal bilobed flap. This shows the arly post-operative appearance with the "hole" completely filled and eyelid normal appearance maintained.