Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my blepharitis get better?

It can be treated with lid hygiene, antibiotic cream and even antibiotic tablets by mouth but can be very persistent and return. It cannot be cured if your skin type makes you prone to it, but you can reduce the number of exacerbations and their severity by lid hygiene.

2. Is it harmful?

Not usually, but it can be very annoying for you. Occasionally, if severe and untreated it may cause lid margin scarring and local eye surface inflammation, which could rarely cause the eyelid margin to turn in and the eyelashes touch the eye surface

3. Is it contagious?

Although there is a low grade infection this is not contagious.

4. Is it a tumour?

It is a tumour as it is a lump but it is not a cancer. However, occasionally a rodent ulcer or basal cell carcinoma can occur in the same location along the eyelash line and be mistaken for blepharitis, but a cancer will only affect one side, whereas blepharitis affects both sides (bilateral).