Post-operative instructions after TCA Peel to lower eyelids and face


After the surgery your lower eyelids will become puffy within the first 2 - 4 days so you need to use ice packs - these can be purchased from a chemist or you make your own: ice in a plastic bag, put a clean flannel over the lids and hold for 15 mins per hour.


The area of skin treated with the TCA peel will cause a sunburn like reaction after about 3 days which is maximal by 6 - 10 days then gets better as the surface skin sloughs off.


If you have freckles in the treated areas these will look more prominent and darker during the first two weeks as they slough off.


You need to use Q-tips to gently rub off the crusts and slough skin. These can be used dry. The peel comes off in a blotchy way just like a sunburn.

NB if you get a cold sore please see you GP urgently or attend the Eye Casualty and purchase Acyclovir ointment from the chemist to put on the sore.


One the skin has healed it will look pale and tighter.


You can wear makeup (other than moisturiser and sun protective cream, factor 30 or 50) after two - three weeks.