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External DCR Surgery

A small incision is made on the side of the nose to gain access to the tear sac. A little bit of bone between the tear sac and the nose is removed in order to reach the inside of the nose. The tear sac is opened and stitched to the lining of the nose so a direct passage is made between the sac and the nose. Usually a soft silicone tubing is placed from the corner of the eye , through the tear ducts into the nose temporarily to keep the passage open . These tubes are usually not noticed, are painless when in the correct position and removed between 6 and 8 weeks after the operation. Whilst the tubes are in there may be slight overflow of tears , which improves once they are removed.

The stitches are removed one week after surgery and the fine scar usually fades within three months. The tubes are removed simply in the clinic, when we look inside the nose, then divide them and retrieve them simply. An anaesthetic is not required for removal of tubes.

The results are about 98% success.