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Eyelid cleaning

Wash your hands first!

  1. The first eyelid clean is done when the eye pad is removed (first dressing) or approximately 8 hours after the surgery.
  2. Use sterile gauze squares and saline solution. Either purchase Normasol ® sachets of saline or make up a simple solution with one teaspoon salt in a half pint water which has been boiled. Leave to cool before use and make up new before each use.
  3. Soak the gauze swabs in the saline and place on the eyelids to remove superficial debris.
  4. Dab the eyelids, moving the gauze horizontally across the eyelid and avoiding the eye. Go from the nose end (medial) to the outside corner (lateral). Clean the eyelashes from their base to tips.
  5. After the first clean, continue twice daily cleans for 1 week then once daily for the second week.

NB The sutures (stitches) used are quite secure but still be gentle!