Types of Restylane ®

Different types of Restylane are commonly used by Oculoplastic and Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons:

These are all Hyaluronic Acid Gels (HAG). They differ in the number of particles per ml and hence density. The LIPP is very suitable for lips. Restylane is excellent for tear troughs and starting off treatment. Deep injected (deep to facial muscles) Perlane and Sub-Q are excellent for volume replacement or enhancement of nasolabial / peri-mouth and cheek hollowing and atrophy respectively.

How does it work?

By temporarily adding volume to facial tissue. The effect lasts for between 3 and 24 months depending on concentration used and other factors. The effect is also dependent on the original severity of of the volume loss, amount used, mobility of the part of the face or lips injected, vascularity of surrounding tissue.

  Duration months Nasolabial folds Marionette lines Tear troughs Cheeks Brows
Restylane 3-6
Perlane 6-9
Sub-Q 9-24
Lipp 3-6

 optimal use         good use         reasonable use